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About the Host: Gemma Bonham-Carter

After blogging successfully for 7 years, Gemma kicked off her career as an Online Business Strategist in 2017 and has since been the secret weapon behind thousands of entrepreneurs as they build their online course businesses, email lists, and evergreen funnels. 

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, Gemma is like that friend who always knows the next big thing before it hits the mainstream.

In December 2022 she began experimenting with AI tools and transformed them into her own digital magic tricks, making her business smarter and faster than ever. 

After seeing a gap in the market for this kind of education, Gemma created the AI Unlocked Summit - an event by course creators for course creators. Grab your all access pass to learn from 30+ digital experts and turn AI into your business's new assistant, copywriter, and more (for free!). 

Hosted by Gemma Bonham-Carter. 

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AI Unlocked - The Summit: 
Leverage AI & ChatGPT to Work Smarter, Save Time, and Improve Your Marketing

Get Lifetime Access to 30+ presentations, tutorials, & resources:

Day 1:

AI 101: Your Course Creator's Guide to Embracing Artificial Intelligence, with Gemma Bonham-Carter 

ChatGPT Unboxed: Your Guide to Account Setup and a Welcome Tour, with Gemma Bonham-Carter 

Prompt Perfect: The Art of Mastering ChatGPT with Strategic Prompt Engineering, with Gemma Bonham-Carter 

Prompts that Pop: The Secret to Stellar AI Results, with Jillian Kendrick 

 The Legal Side: What Course Creators Need to Know about AI and Copyright Law, with Jaime Bell 

Create a Language Library: The Secret Sauce to Humanize Your AI-Generated Content, with Jessica Brooks

Day 2:

Reel Quick: Supercharging Instagram Reels Creation with AI, with Laura Bitoiu 

Multiplying Magic - Turning Live Video Scripts into Content Gold with AI, with Brenna McGowan

Unlocking the Magic of AI and Social Media - with Andrea Jones 

Mastering the AI Game: The YouTube Remix, with Shana Yurko 

 Win at Social Media: Perfect Your Caption Writing with ChatGPT, with Angela Doydon 

 AI Creator Class: How to Produce Revenue Generating Content 10x Faster Using CREATORIZE AI, with Gwen Lane 

 Pin Like a Pro with AI - A New Era in Pinterest Marketing, with Meagan Williamson 

 My ChatGPT Recipe for Effortless SEO Content, with Kristin Lawton 

Podcast Power-Up: Scripting and Outlining with ChatGPT, with Brandee Gaar 

Content Marketing Magic: Save time + Create Better Long-Form Content with AI, with Lauren Tilden

Day 3:

AI-Powered Persuasion: Crafting Compelling Offer Descriptions, with Apryl Beverly 

The Copywriter's Toolkit: Amp Up Your Sales Page with AI, with Megan Taylor 

AI Copy Secrets for Killer Facebook and Instagram Ads, with Melissa Litchfield 

Writing High-Converting Sales Emails with AI: Write, edit, optimize, and evaluate your way to higher click-through rates and conversions, with Cheryl Rerick 

SEO Unlocked: Using ChatGPT for Superior Keyword Research, with Sarah Buchanan-Smith 

The AI Author: Crafting an eBook at Lightning Speed, with Tisha Klemetz 

Creating Irresistible Lead Magnets with ChatGPT: For Clinicians and Course Creators, with Krista Frahm 

How We Created an Epic Online Summit in Record Time with ChatGPT, with Gemma Bonham-Carter (** To be delivered post-summit!)

Skyrocket Your Course Sales: Unlock the Power of Quizzes with AI Breakthrough Technology, with Linda Sidhu

Day 4:

Creating a Customized Course Journey with On-Demand Support: Using AI Powered Micro-Apps, with Jordan Gill 

Using AI to Speed Up Your Market Research + Attract Clients that BUY! , with Hera Zee 

 Accelerate Student Success by Embedding ChatGPT Prompts into Your Courses, with Chelsea Wallace 

ChatGPT Wizardry: Transforming Video Transcripts into Epic Course Descriptions, with Catalina Bloch 

Design Smarter, Not Harder: Navigating Canva's AI Features for Stunning Visuals, with Roger Coles

Transforming Client Connections: How to use ChatGPT to Elevate Discovery Calls, with Emily Reagan 

How To Use Chat GPT To Improve Your Website: Code Like a Pro, with Katie Harrington 

Streamline Web Page Creation: Unlocking the Power of Content Modelling and ChatGPT, with Susan Reoch 

Using ChatGPT to mine the testimonials on your sales page for content ideas that speak DIRECTLY to your audience’s needs and desires, with Jessica Brooks 

Visual Brainstorming and Project Ideation: Unleashing Creativity with Canva Mind Maps, Magic Write, and ChatGPT, with Traci Bautista